Monday, October 1, 2012

John Deere in Africa

One of our sons-in-law loves John Deere, so we want him to know that his favorite company is well represented in Congo!  We have seen John Deere tractors! 

The airport (aeroport) is quite close to where we live and to one of the church  buildings.  This is what we see all the time.  People walk across the runways because they are very close to where people live and have gardens out in fields.

This is a typical main road inside a cartier.  There are many smaller, narrower roads and lots of times cars can't pass through them, so then you find a place to turn around and find another way.

Hmmmmm......not sure where these came from?  There must be a big supply, because they have been for sale along this road for the whole time we have been here.

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  1. Your posts are wonderful - really gives the flavor of the people and theirs lives. thank you so much. Linette Smith