Sunday, August 12, 2012

More Pictures of Life in Congo

It is winter in Congo - sometimes we don't even have to use the air conditioner.  Most mornings many people have winter coats and many wear knit hats, sweaters, layers of clothing.  It has probably been in the 80s (maybe cooler) and it still gets kind of hot during the day.  There is a mist sometimes in the morning, along the ocean, and sometimes a little shows up on our truck.

EVERYTHING here is made of cement blocks, and this is how it is done.  You get a pile of sand and a pile of rocks and a pile of cement and then men mix it up in the dirt and make the bricks in these 'forms' and dump them out to dry.  Then they are stacked until they are used - it may be days, weeks, months or years before they are used.

I asked this man if  I could take his picture - he worked here, across the dirt road from our house for several days making bricks.  I think he thought it was funny that I would want a picture of that!

Until a person can afford a brick house, they live in wooden houses.  These are out of town, up the hill from a river.

These children are carrying dishes that need washed, down to the river.  It is quite a steep hill as they get closer to the water.  A man by the river yelled at them to be careful and not fall in the river because it was flowing pretty quickly.

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