Monday, April 2, 2012

 Our trip out to the bridge was another adventure!  I hoped this picture would show how bad the road got, but it really doesn't!  We stopped here because it appeared impassable.  But, the elders walked ahead and told us they thought we could make it - we were almost to the summit of the hill and almost to where they thought the bridge would be.  We stopped several times on the way to ask people who were walking along the road if we were on the right road to the bridge.  They all said yes, but they also said we should have taken the other road, which is paved all the way and is the one we thought we were taking when we made the turn to enter this road.  It was a good road for a little while, then it got progressively less drivable.  However, we would not have experienced all the fun and excitement of this road and the beautiful panoramic view of the valley if we had been on the other road.  We DID take the good road back!

Along the way we saw several small villages and this village that was much larger, but further off the road.  They are small wooden houses and buildings and some have thatched roofs.  The villages and homes closer to the road were of the same construction and appeared to not have any water or electricity, as most villages.  This village is not far from the ocean, though - it is less than a mile to the left of the road.

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